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phonograph vs gramophone vs record player featured
The phonograph, gramophone, and modern record player are all devices that play analog sound recordings. The phonograph plays from tinfoil wrapped around a metal roll. The gramophone plays metal or shellac disc-shaped records. Finally, the modern record player plays vinyl “long-play” records. In this article, I’m […]
why some vinyl records sound better featured
A vinyl record can sound better than others because of: Original master recording qualityMastering/cutting technique + equipmentThe vinyl material quality and pressingAudio setup, EQ amplifier In this article, I’m answering why some LPs sound better than others. I do this by exploring all significant determinators. For […]
vinyl skipping no scratch featured
If your new vinyl record is skipping, but it’s not scratched, it’s likely caused by either a warped record, a dirty record, a worn stylus, an unstable surface, or insufficient arm pressure. All of these can be fixed at home. In this article I explore the […]
the importance of stylus quality featured image
The most important part of a record player is the stylus combined with proper amplification and speakers. Without this trifecta, it doesn’t matter how good the record is. The perfect stylus price for most people is around $100. Stylus quality can be maintained by cleaning and […]
vinyl records end featured
When a vinyl record ends, without auto stop, the needle will keep tracking the dead wax on the run-out area near the middle of the record. This results in low-level surface noise. It causes minimal damage to the stylus which is only apparent after long-term accumulation. […]
vinyl records mono vs stereo featured image
Vinyl records can either be mono or stereo. Modern records are likely stereo, but there are still mono records out there. Neither mono nor stereo records sound inherently better, but stereo does offer more possibilities in recording and production. However, stereo introduces some new issues with […]

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