Vinyl records should be stored at room temperature.

You can't store records below the freezing point, because it will increase the chance of breaking.

You can't store vinyl at high temperatures, because it will cause warping.

The best place to store vinyl records is in your study or living room.

Also avoid damp and cold places like the garage or basement.

Avoid too hot places like the attic.

Ideally use a room with enough space, in height as well.

Vinyl records should be stored inside sturdy furniture.

It's also important that it allows to store the vinyl off of the ground, especially in a basement

The ideal furniture is compartmentalized to divide the weight of the records.

Vinyl records should be stored vertically,

Strive for 90 degrees.

so upright and side by side.

Don't overstuff the records to prevent unwanted pressure.

Ringwear is the ring shape of vinyl records imprinted on their album covers.

It's caused by overstuffing record albums.

To prevent ringwear, store side by side without stuffing.

To prevent dust from getting into your vinyl records and their grooves,

make sure the records are inside plastic sleeves.

Then store these inside their album covers.

To store vinyl records long term make sure they're stored at room temperature,

You can use climate controlled storage units for controlled temperatures and moisture.

and preferably stored high and dry.