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This DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player not the cheapest, but it’s still very affordable. Especially when you look at the all-in-one solution it’s offering. This is our favorite record player at this moment, check out why.

digitnow record player bluetooth all-in-one record

Pros – DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player


Let’s start with the price. You’ll be able to get a new one for $120 and a used one for below $100. This isn’t insanely cheap, but it is very affordable for most people. Especially when you consider all that it offers (including two detached speakers) and all it replaces (including your radio, CD-player & casette player and more).


Yes it has all those functionalities and more. So you can play all your vinyl, it even comes with a 45rpm adapter. You can play AM & FM radio. Next to that you can also play CDs and casette tapes. But that’s only half, because you can also record all of these to USB or an SD-card. This all-in-one recording functionality makes it the ideal tool for digitalizing or backing up your entire audio collection, from vinyl to CDs.


Even with all these functionalities, the record player itself remains compact. This is a good thing because you’ll need room for the two included speakers. These can be connected to your record player with RCA. So you’re not even going to need your own stereo setup, but you could still use your own. The quality of these two speakers are not exceptional, but they’re good.


It also comes with a remote controller with 21 buttons. This in combination with all of its functionalities makes it an amazing addition to your living room. It’s amazing during parties, or for the radio news in the morning, or whatever and you can control it from your couch with the remote controller.

It’s easy-to-use with a simple LED screen for information. The turntable also has an autostop function. Finally it has a bluetooth receiver, so you can play music from your phone through the two speakers. This amount of functionality is very rare in this price range. So what’s the catch?

Cons – DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player

Cheap Materials

The price of this one is partly kept low by the materials is made from. The plastic outside just really feels cheap and somewhat fragile. So don’t drop it, but this is generally a good advice.

CD Tray Stuck

Alot of buyer complain about the CD tray. These complaints are mainly focused on it being warped and getting stuck. Then requiring some fiddling to get it out. If you run into this it can be solved by bending the CD tray until it’s no longer getting stuck, but that’s no great.

Weak AM Radio Rececption

Then finally alot of complaints are regarding the AM radio reception. The reception from local radio stations can be very weak. This is made worse by not being able to attach an external antenna. There are some tricks to improve this though. If you’re interested in an article about these trick, please let us know in the comments.


This is my favorite record player at the moment. This is because it offers such an incredible amount for its low price. The price is mainly kept low by the used materials. And if you’re looking for a classic, nostalgic or vintage record player then this one isn’t really for you. I’d also like to point you to my other Reviews and Top Lists to explore your alternatives if you’re not sold.

Find it on Amazon here.


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