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Bluetooth record players are a great way to listen to vinyl records wirelessly with easy connectivity. Bluetooth will sometimes cause some noticeable deterioration in the sound quality of the system which may be noticed by audiophiles. However, this is unlikely to be a problem for the more casual listener.

In this article, I will be going into some more detail about whether Bluetooth record players are any good. I’ll firstly talk about what they are and how they work. Then I will cover whether they sound good and what the sound quality is like.

What Are Bluetooth Record Players

Bluetooth record players are a turntable that connects to either a stereo, powered speakers or headphones wirelessly, thanks to the Bluetooth function. The music can be played wirelessly at a distance of up to 30 feet. This enables both the regular or the casual listener to listen to their vinyls anywhere in the home – there is no need to be in the same room as the record player.

The record players work by powering the record player up, turning on Bluetooth before connecting the required devices with Bluetooth capability. Once the devices are connected, the record can be played on the Bluetooth turntable through the stereo, speakers or headphones.

Do Bluetooth Record Players Sound Good

Bluetooth record players are a great way to listen to vinyl records wirelessly. The sound quality of a Bluetooth record player is adequate. It isn’t quite as good as a normal record player but it isn’t bad.

The Bluetooth element can sometimes ruin the sound quality a little. Bluetooth is a digital addition to the turntable’s analogue system which can sometimes cause some deterioration in the audio quality. The reason the sound quality reduces when using the Bluetooth element is because the amount of sonic information that can actually pass through traditional Bluetooth is less than through wired appliances. This results in lower resolution audio,

Generally speaking, Bluetooth record players sound worse than traditional record players due to the added digital element. This might frustrate those who use their record players more regularly but might not bother those who listen casually.

How Can I Improve My Bluetooth Sound Quality

There are a variety of ways that Bluetooth sound quality can be improved. The first is to work out if there is an obstruction between the unit being used and the connected device. A simple position change or moving them closer may sort some audio problems.

It may also depend on the audio codec used. The key difference in Bluetooth is which audio codec is used. A codec is essential as it means Bluetooth has to transmit less data which means less change of signal being lost.

Thank you for reading this article covering whether Bluetooth record players are any good. I’ve shared with you all that I know. If it was helpful or you would like to ask something about it, please do leave a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Now you know whether Bluetooth record players are any good, why not take a look at another article I wrote about the DIGITNOW Bluetooth Record Player if you haven’t already?


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