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The Byron Statics Portable Record Player is a very cheap turntable. It has some nice qualities, but the low prices leads to some quality being sacrificed. It’s the perfect gift for children or beginners. I’ve taken a closer look.

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Pros – Byron Statics Record Player

An obivious pro of the Byron Statics record player is its amazingly low price. At the time of writing this post it’s the cheapest one I’ve reviewed. This low price makes it an ideal gift gift for your kids, your beginner friends or for you if you’re new to turntables. This is greatly enhanced by how easy to use it is.

Its retro look is great for its price. It’s very compact so it can be placed anywhere. The ability to close it like a suitcase and the portability this provides makes it great for moving it around the house or around the world.

It has a belt-driven turntable that can play 7″ and 12″ records. It has two “okay” built-in front-facing speakers. As an alternative to these speakers you can jack in your headphones or use RCA connectors to use your own stereo amplifier and/or speakers.

Cons – Byron Statics Record Player

An important thing to note is that this model doesn’t contain any bluetooth functionalities. Even though the Amazon page does give this impression. So sadly you won’t be able to use your bluetooth speakers for this.

Some buyers have reported issues with skipping. This is very common in cheaper models. But for most Record Players it will be inevitable to run into one day. Luckily there are many ways to fix this. And fortunately I have written a specific article on how to fix this. Check it out here!

The Record Player itself does feel somewhat fragile. So be careful not to drop it and when carrying it around be thoughtful. Finally, the quality of the built-in speakers is just mediocre, which is to be expected at this price. The audio is fine until you turn up the volume too high, because then you’ll notice some audio distortion.


So the Byron Statics Record Player is one of the most affordable budget options out there. If you’re a serious audiophile, you take audio quality very serious, and are just looking for a budget option then I can’t recommend this one. However this is the perfect gift for a beginner or for children because it’s cheap, easy-to-use and portable. If you’re not satisfied its qualities I suggest you take a look at our other Reviews or Top Lists to get a good overview of your options.

Find it in Amazon here!


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