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A Wockoder Record Player will be affordable, easy-to-use, and beautiful. I especially love the wooden look of their belt-driven record player. But looks aren’t everything, so I’ve taken a close look at its pros and cons.

Wockoder Record Player

Pros – Wockoder Record Player

Let’s start with the price as usual. The low price of this record player makes it a very affordable option. It’s ideal if you want to introduce someone to turntables or if you want something simple to play your collection with. The wood material feels great and solid, but still the whole thing feels light enough. It doesn’t feel cheap either, which is great for its price range. Finally I love how it’s compact, but still able to play all record necessary sizes.

When it arrives and you’ve unpacked it you will be able to play your vinyl in less than a minute. This is due to its simplicity where you just place the record, lift the stylus, move it to the start, and finally turn on the play switch. There’s no installation necessary except for plugging it in. Anyone could do this so it could be a gift for a child for example.

It comes with built-in speakers, so you’re not required to have your own stereo setup. It also comes with a bluetooth receiver. Which means that you could use its built-in speakers to play music from your phone or other bluetooth transmitting devices. Instead of using bluetooth you can ofcourse just play your actual records on the turntable. You do have the ability to use Line out & Aux connections to other speakers if you want to amplify or improve the audio quality.

Cons – Wockoder Record Player

The primary issue that has been apparent is the limited audio quality from the built-in speakers. I consider the quality of the audio to be exactly what to expect at this price range. Which is just okay and perfect for simple use. But if you’re really serious about your music quality and still want to go for this affordable option, then I suggest that you connect the record player to your own stereo setup.

In a few online reviews I’ve noticed some complaints about its rigidity. Apparently for some people it’s wobbly when playing which is causing skipping issues. I expect this to be caused by either the surface they’ve put their Record Player on. Or maybe an issue with the tonearm pressure. Most people don’t seem te be having this problem though, but just in case I have written an article which specifically looks at how to fix this.

Finally a minor downside is that even though the Record Player can receive bluetooth, it can’t transmit it. This means that you won’t be able to connect your speakers to it with bluetooth. Sadly this is very common in this price range.


Hopefully I’ve been able to get you a detailed and summarized overview of the pros & cons of the Wockoder Record Player. I think this is a great budget option, especially if you’re looking for some simple fun. But if you’re looking for something very serious and are willing to spend significantly more I can’t fully recommend it. In that case I suggest you check out our other Reviews and Top-Lists to get an overview of your options out there.

Finally I want to point you to the listing on Amazon if you’re interested in peoples reviews or answers to specific questions. Naturally you can ask us as well!


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