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Audio-Technica has a varied selection of modern Record Players. These turntables are averagely priced between at around $250. However the AT-LP60XUSB Record Player is very affordable. I’m taking a closer look at its pros and cons in this article.

AT-LP60XUSB Record Player Audio-Technica

Pros – AT-LP60XUSB Record Player

First of all, let’s start with the price. You will be able to get a used one for about $90 or a new one for $129. So the AT-LP60XUSB is very affordable when you compare it to Audio-Technica alternatives and similar Record Players out there.

If you’re a fan of automatization you’ll love this part. After installing the record player and placing a record on it everything will be automatic. When you’ve selected the record size and press the start button the stylus will move to the correct starting position automatically. When you press the stop button the stylus will lift up and go back to its inactive position.

Another the great things about this turntable is the ability to connect it to your PC or Mac with USB. Now you can use software to record what’s being played. This is amazing if you need to digitalize your vinyl collection. All buyers seem to agree that the quality of these recordings are great.

But what about getting live audio? Well the AT-LP60XUSB built-in phono preamp allows for Aux or Line inputs on speakers, amplifiers, and other devices. It allows the use of a mini-jack or a dual-RCA cable.

The record player itself is built from an anti-resonance plastic and die-cast aluminum. These materials prevent vibrations, as are result of footsteps or loud music, from reaching the stylus and influencing the audio. The plastic cover is useful when you’re not using it to prevent dust. But it’s best to remove the cover entirely when it’s playing for the best quality. And finally everything is very compact in a neat way, so it won’t take up too much space in your living room.

Cons – AT-LP60XUSB Record Player

The first negative thing that pops up is related to the installation after taking it out of the box. A visual manual is included, which illustrates the important steps necessary. Like how to wrap the belt around the post, but this can still be tough. Especially since the manual is not entire clear on how to wrap it around the post specifally. But the Youtube installation video shown at the bottom of this post should be enough for anyone.

Secondly the AT-LP60XUSB doesn’t have any bluetooth transmission functionalities built-in. So you won’t be able to connect your bluetooth speakers to this one. It doesn’t have a bluetooth receiver either.

A final minor drawback, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, is that the quality of the audio is mainly determined by the connected stereo amplifiers & speakers. But most buyers are satisfied with the quality of the audio, even from simple PC speakers.


Hopefully I’ve been able to get you a detailed and summarized overview of the pros & cons of the AT-LP60XUSB Record Player. I think this is one of the best budget options out there, especially if you don’t care about bluetooth. If you are though I suggest you check out our other Reviews and Top-Lists to get an overview of your options out there.

Finally I want to point you to the listing on Amazon if you’re interested in peoples reviews or answers to specific questions. Naturally you can ask us as wel!


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