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Victrola offers a variety of Record Players and Turntables. Most of their products are very affordable, but this can cause skepticism for consumers. That’s why I’m taking a close look at the popular Victrola Record Player – Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with 3-speed Turntable.

victrola record player suitcae portable

Pros – Victrola Record Player

The obvious positive remark to make is that this record player is very affordable. Most buyers seem to agree that the quality of the sound isn’t the best. But it’s still above expectation for this price. The built-in speakers can also achieve quite a high volume. You might be worried you’re giving up too much on audio quality for the sake of affordability. In that case it’s good to know that you’re going to be able to use the included RCA cables to connect to your speaker installation.

When your package is delivered and you’ve unpacked you will be able to play your records in less than five minutes. It’s very easy and straightforward to set up, anyone could do it.

Another important pro is that it’s made to be portable. It’s light enough that a child could carry it. But not so light that it feels flimsy or cheap. In combination with a portable power source the record player becomes even more portable.

Some final positive notes are the extra replacement needle that is included, which is great. And finally that the tonearm is well-weighted. So it’s unlikely that you’ll need to use the tricks that we’ve described on our post about How to Fix a Skipping Record Player.

Cons – Victrola Record Player

The most common issues buyers seem to have with this record player are related to damage during shipping. This is likely caused by the way it’s packed. But fortunately Victrola offers a very good return 30 day return policy.

Another issue appears to come from expectations from the bluetooth system. The record player is described to have bluetooth. Some buyers have interpreted this as the ability to for example connect their bluetooth speakers to the record player. However it can only has a bluetooth receiver and no transmitter. This means that you can for example play music from your phone through the built-in speaker, but you can’t send the audio created by the needle and record to any other device.

Some buyers have been complaining about low sound quality. But our opinion at Record Player Expert is that they’re being unreasonable and have somewhat unrealistic expectations for this price range. But that’s just our honest opinion and it might be better to hear for yourself that the sound quality is actually quite authentic. Check out the video at the bottom of the post.

A minor drawbacks is that no slipmat is included. Hopefully you have one already. Nex to that it can be a little annoying to place a record on the record player due to having to angle it in.


Finally I’ve come to the conclusion that the Victrola Record Player is a great affordable option, especially if you consider the drawbacks to be minor. However if you’re willing to pay double its price, I’d suggest taking a look at other options. To get a good overview of your options you can check out our other Reviews and Top-Lists.

Finally I want to point you to the listing on Amazon if you’re interested in peoples reviews or answers to specific questions. Naturally you can ask me as wel!


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